Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Critically discuss the effectiveness of parliamentary and judicial Essay

Critically discuss the effectiveness of parliamentary and judicial cantrols over delegated legislation in the english legal system - Essay Example Legislation made by delegated legislation should be created in harmony with the purposes stipulated in the Act. The role of delegated legislation is to enables the UK Government to amend laws without waiting for new Acts of Parliament to be passed in the house. It`s worth noting that delegated legislation can also be used to create technical changes to a law, for instance altering sanctions in a given statute. Local Authority also has power confer to them under some statutes to enables them to create delegated legislation and also to make law that suits their area (Jayakumar, 2005, pg. 89). The delegated legislation offers a very important function in the making of laws in UK legal system as there exists more delegated legislation enacted every year than there exist Acts of Parliament. Moreover, delegated legislation has similar legal standing as the Act of Parliament which it was made. These are clear justifications that the question of effectiveness of judicial and parliamentary control over the delegated legislation is a weighty issue to examine in the UK legal system. It would be inappropriate to assume that parliamentary control over delegated legislation is actually a burning issue in a country where most voters would probably be acquainted with what delegated legislation is about. It`s because of this that it is hard to come across members of any of UK parliaments ready to take much interest regarding the matter. Nonetheless it is of great significance, since unregulated delegated legislation provides a fertile field for UK government despotism as well as bossy interference by the bureaucrats. Therefore, it not wrong for one to say parliamentary control over delegated legislation is somehow ineffective. Delegated laws at times create much more effects on the lives of common citizens compared to most acts of parliament. In the UK, most delegated legislation

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